Enno Lerian Hot Foto Bugil

Enno Lerian a woman births to float, 8 octobers 1983 berprofesi as artist sinetron. before now he is known as little singer enough is know by indonesia society. now he has 1 child but bercerai from former the husband.
Enno Lerian begin famous moment self presents song" the naughty mosquito" , moment that is new the age 9 year. enno direct be children idol. even less with sweet the smile, join in to support tidy the vocal. enno launch 8 recording albums. mention the naughty mosquito, dakocan, all in once here, dudidam, oioio, with 3 moslem song albums handshakes, come along first day of idulfitri, and last bertema learn to study. not only sing, enno also trusted be master of ceremonies enno cheerful at sail sctv and come along to play a part in sinetron dust howl.

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